We are disciples of the Satyananda Yoga Tradition. Inspired and motivated by the lifetime example of our Guru Swami Satyananda Saraswati, we have long time been actively participating as Seva Yogis in various projects of the Satyananda Yoga community, projects supporting the ones in need, promoting peace, harmony & Love, giving a chance to humanity to take a step towards "Knowing The Self".

Our vision is to share and spread worldwide the beauty and the enormous benefits we have experienced by the art of kirtans. Kirtan looks like, but it is not just, a song. It is a technique of Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound and is characterized by the simplicity of both its melody and the lyrics. The melody is based on minimalist and repetitive musical paths. The lyrics are a potent combination of Sanskrit mantras. They are the legacy of the Great Teachers who, thousands of years ago, transcended the boundaries of the mind and senses, and became self-realized. Repetition of the mantras creates a series of acoustic vibrations which relax the body and mind. In this way, the higher mental and psychic powers,currently dormant in each of us, are released. Whether we comprehend the literal meaning of the mantras or not, they still have the same transformative and liberating effect on us.

There are special moments when we can connect to the eternal source of inspiration, bliss and peace. During such moments, beautiful melodies came to Sankalpananda, which resulted in our two first Kirtan collections "Sparkles of Satyam" and "Waves of Anandam". Both collections comprise inspiring, uplifting kirtans, interwoven with sweet melodic dialogues of Indian Flutes and Cello, on a velvet background of classic guitar, harmonium and Tablas, taking you to divine realms of relaxation.

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